Published 05 JULY 2023



1. Multiply the fragments or existing 'capital' we have ALL got in a way that glorifies God 

2. Change the form or type of existence and make better - 'turn water into (intoxicatingly good) wine' 

3. To solve (edify, comfort, encourage and equip) without injection of physical presence or proportional inputs of time

4. Be sent out as fisher of men - who would be inspired and equipped to follow by blessing, stretching and occupying new grounds for kingdom expansion 

5. Set captives free - help them break free from their negative cycles of addictions, possessions, fear and poverty darkening mindsets 

With strategies that come from God, in partnership with the Holy Spirit. 


To bless 100,000 Christians by touching them with this ministry's creative outputs. 

To inspire each of these 100,000 Christians to make a measurable difference to their own communities of a hundred other Christians. 

To gift these additional hundred lives the means and resources to bless their next hundreds.


Empathy - To be deeply and richly able to describe the struggles and desires Christians *who aspire to have more out of life* experience in a way that surprises them.

Curiosity - To always honor our target service customers in a way that is uplifted with integrity.

Tenacity - To fight ferociously for the value added-ness of services and products such that it maximises value such that price is a non-consideration.

Thoroughness - To ensure that things are done properly end-to-end considering all angles that ensures are customers are served in the most optimal manner possible.

Speed - To bring things to fruition fast, according to agile principles. Launching quality products with iterations is better than delaying launches.

Desire to make a difference?

Join our global missions. Make a positive difference and pull other Christians out of their pits into God's warm brilliance. 

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